In 1998, a group of Spiritualists who had left their former church, gathered together in each other’s home for a monthly meditation. Wanting a new church home for themselves and other friends who expressed an interest in establishing a new church, a committee was formed to apply for non-profit status.  In 1999 our non-profit status was granted and we became the Church of Spiritual Fellowship.


          In 1999, we met in a Millbrae Public Library meeting room, but moved across the street to the Officer David Chetcuti room when the Library was remodeled in 2002. We were above the Millbrae Police station, and went to them to get the key to unlock the door and to return the key to them.  We established a friendly relationship with the police officers and sent them dozens of cookies at Christmas time.


          When the rental rates were raised across the board in the city of Millbrae, the room became too expensive for us to stay there. We were sorry to have to leave and so were the police officers.


          A new church home was found at the Cottage in Twin parks Park, Belmont in 2004.   In 2014, the church celebrated its’ fifteenth anniversary with a potluck luncheon.  We are all looking forward to many more years of spiritual growth and friendships.


          The Church's Declaration of Beliefs states:


          We Believe:

     1. In Infinite Consciousness or God.

     2. We are Co-Creators with the Universal Life Force.

     3. Life continues in Eternal Progression.

     4. Communication with Spirit, Spirit Healing and the protection of Angels

     5. We are personally responsible for all our actions.

     6. All Life is working toward Perfection.

Church of Spiritual Fellowship

An Independant Spiritualist Church